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four & one
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Bussines plan



The reason we chose this project is because after talking to the girls we noticed being an organized person doesn’t mean that we have to have ugly things without the essence you want. It is important to put something you like and something you think is nice in your bags so you really want to be organized and show how you really are.



  • Reason


This idea is original because in case that you don’t like the models that we have, you can personalize it until you are satisfied.

It is also original because it gives an original touch to your accessories, so they can look nice. We assured you our products goes further than you can imagine, we want not only a beautiful product, we also want it to be useful.

For us, having a defined personality is really helpful not only for the other people to look at you; it also helps you to feel pleased with yourself.

You can be an organized person having a good sense of fashion.

At these days, people is worried about how they look with their clothes and accessories, so that the important designers sell very expensive stuff that most of the time is not a big thing, just because the brand, it is “in”. We are not planning to sell a brand, what we are trying to do is selling something that shows your own personality



  • Venture Name


We gave our project an specific and personalized name. We considered the name of the company has to mean something to the whole members so we named it 4 & 1 because we are four women and only one man in the project.





We find lot of competitors, but we think they can not reach what we offer. We investigated all the competitors and we found that not all of them give the best service as we are going to give and that not all have the different opportunity to give clients the option of doing their own bag, picture clips, key chain, bracelet and the perfect gifts. It is important for our company to give a personalized product for their own benefit.

This is the list of the competitors:

1.                  Nix

2.                  5 y 10

3.                  Accesorios Guadalupe

4.                  Kiosko para ti

5.                  Unique


    • Advantage over competitors


Our competitive advantage is that all of our products are our handmade and can be personalized with different colors this gives them a special touch. Other advantage is the distribution, this is also very easy, so the costumers will not have to go to a specific store to get the products, and the products will be taken to them; the price is something also to take in consideration because our products even when they are handmade they will stay in a comfortable rage for the consumers.


         Detail description of product and service


Our project has to parts: the products and the service. The products we want to sell are unique bags, photos holders, bracelets, pins, etc for a specific person. It is based on the manufacture of different and innovate accessories women like made just as they like choosing the material and colors that the client want. It is a service because we do it just for you as you prefer.




In the company each member is going to have an specific role for a better service. The material is going to be bought by the whole team so each member can rapport ideas and innovative products because we want only the best.

The products are going to be made as fast as possible for a better service. It is very important to pay before the service is done to have it covered already. We are offering a high quality service and a competitive product.


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